The Minutes Of the Meeting for 7 Jan,2008 Alumni Board  in CBIT Campus, Gandipet at 2.00PM.

Members Present.

1. Mr. Sanjeeva Reddy. President
2. Mr.Anirudh Kumar Bizzul, Vice- President
3. C. Shekar Reddy, Secretary, (Leave of absence)
4. Mr.Srinivas Shanker  Jt.Secretary
5. Mr.Chenna Keshava Rao, Treasurer
6. Mr.Dhan Pal Reddy.  Menber
7. Mr.Kondal Reddy. Member
8. Mr.Patel Srinivas. Member
9.  Mr.S.VIjender Reddy. Member
10.Mr. Ramchandra Reddy Director, CBIT (Houner Guest)
11.Mr.P.Srinivas Rao (Special Invitee)

1. Introduction and interaction of Executive Members with Alumni Board.

The Newly Elected Office Bears and the committee members introduced themselves to the Director, CBIT.A leave of absence was granted to Mr. Shekar Reddy, Secretary as he was indisposed and Anirudh Bizzul, Vice- President was voted to conduct the meeting.
2. Registration of Alumni Association --- and its Status
The Director, CBIT, informed the Alumni Board, that CBIT Alumni Association was registered in March 2007 and he was the one who initiated the whole processes till its registration. The Registration Certificate and Article of Association is with the Secretary, CBIT.He also informed that he was not having a copy of the registered Documents.

The Members Present were already informed by the Faculty Advisor, Dr. P. Jayapal Reddy, on 25 Dec in Presence of the Outgoing Office Beares that he had no information about the Registration of the Alumni Association and also its Articles of Association in the presence of then were outgoing President Mr.Y.S. Chowdary, Secretary- Mr. Shekar Reddy and Vice President Mr.Janardhan Reddy, Mr Ramkrishna Reddy Jt. Secretary and several others.

Members present unanimously agreed that the drafting of the Articles of Association and Registration done was without the knowledge of the then Alumni Board and its Faculty Advisor and therefore it was decided that the Newly Elected Alumni Board should consider Scrapping or Amending it after acquiring a copy of the Registered Articles of Association and thoroughly going through its contents.

Members also expressed deep anguish  that in spite of several requests by the then Secretary of the Alumni Board, Director, CBIT did not make any efforts of giving a copy of the Registered Certificate and Article of Association. The Members felt that there was some vested interested on part of the Management of CBIT/CBES in this whole episode.

The Director informed the Members that he would immediately communicate with the Secretary, CBES and see that copy of the Registration Certificate and Its Article of Association will be given to the Alumni Board at the earliest.

3. Endorsing the AGM Minutes…….

A. Notifying the elected members to the concern authorities.

The list of the unanimously elected/selected Office bearers and Members of the Alumni Board to be circulated to all concern authorities, which took office effectively on 1 Jan, 2008.

B. To Pursue Deemed University status for CBIT, with concern Authorities by 31 Dec 2008.

CBIT Director apprised the Alumni Board that the deemed University status for CBIT was pending due to two reasons from March 2007.

1. List of the Managing Committee of the Newly Proposed Deemed University should to given under the Signature of the Secretary CBES by the CBES.This issue is pending with the Secretary CBES from March 2007.Members felt that the Office Bearers should meet the Managing Committee of the CBES and explore the possibility of expediting this simple processes which is pending from last nine months.

2. Transferring of asserts of the CBIT/CBES both Movable and immovable properties to the Proposed Deemed University. This issue too should be taken up with the Managing Committee of CBES at the earliest, which will facilitate CBIT being Deemed University within six months.

Members felt that all efforts should be made in this regard on war footing, as all the conditions required for Deemed University Status were already complied with, so as to reach the target set by AGM of the Alumni Board.

C.Membership of CBES to the Senior most Alumni Members

Most of the Members present felt that the issue of the Membership of CBES to the Senior most Members of the Alumni Association, who were instrumental in establishing CBIT/CBES should be taken up with the Management committee of the CBES, which has been pending from last 29 years. The Members authorised the President, Vice-president and the Secretary of the Alumni Board to start the dialog in the most positive atmosphere.

4. President/ Secretary both to be on the Management Committees of CBIT/ MGIT/ CBES.

All the Members present unanimously felt and approved that till the Membership issue of CBES is settled, the President and the Secretary of the Alumni Board should be inducted into the Board of the CBES/CBIT/MGIT at the earliest.

5. Any other issues.

A.    It was unanimously resolved that MDr. P. Jayapal Reddy should continue to be the Faculty Advisor for the year 2008 and Mr. B Suryanarayana would assist him in his functioning as Faculty Advisor.
B.    Members felt that the Alumni Board should pursue with the management of CBIT/CBES to transfer all the money that are with the CBIT, which are in the form of Deposits left over by the students over the years. It was also resolved that all the money generated from CARPEDIEM/ FUNCTIONS should be deposited directly into the Alumni’s current account at Andhra Bank, CBIT campus, Gandipet and the current account should be jointly managed by the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Alumni Board.